Juli works as a choreographer and is interested in dance as a way to re-measure body dispositifs, create new sensations and re-arrange relationships. She researches the body as material and performative formats to re-organize it.

Juli studied philosophy, dance and choreography in Berlin and Stockholm. After her graduation, she received a one-year residency at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. In this research, she investigated the format of a concert in dance and the way in which rhythm forms new relationships between bodies. The project cycle resulting from this includes the pieces 'We are not in this together yet', 'Atlantic' and 'Really Good Music'.

Her recent solo ‘You said you’d give it to me – soon as you were free’ is an exploration of cyborg feminism and the artificialization of movement as pharmakon. It premiered in September 2016 at MDT Stockholm. In winter 2017, Juli collaborated with Theater Thikwa on ‘Tanzabend’ in which scores from the solo were re-interpreted as group practices, exploring the bonds between disability and artificiality and the artificialization of movement as an operator on body norms.

Next to her choreographic work Juli teaches workshops in universities and arts schools, is a mentor for Pap Berlin and writes and organizes conferences in collaboration with Interim Kultur Stockholm.