Juli works as a choreographer and is interested in dance as a way to remeasure body dispositifs, create new sensations and re-arrange relationships. She researches the body as material and performative formats to reorganize embodiment.

Juli studied philosophy, dance and choreography in Berlin and Stockholm. After her graduation, she received a one-year residency at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in which she investigated the format of a concert and rhythm as a medium for new relationships between bodies.

Her solo ‘You said you’d give it to me – soon as you were free’ is an exploration of cyborg feminism and the artificialization of individual movement. Here, Juli began her involvement with modes of visibility and new sensibilities. Through experimenting with space, time and relationships to the audience, she questions portrait perspectives and what at all can be recognized as a body. In her collaborations with Theater Thikwa ‘Tanzabend 4’ and 'Aftershow', she explored this further in group pieces. Since 2019, Juli is enrolled as a doctoral student at Uniarts Helsinki where she researches modes of visibility and dis-orientation as a choreographic strategy.

Next to her own choreographic work, Juli is part of the artists group PSR which developed a curatorial vision for the newly renovated Heizhaus in Uferstudios, Berlin and runs the project series 'Our Dance' within this frame in 2020.

Besides that, she teaches workshops and is a mentor for Pap Berlin.