Juli loves movement. In fact, it is the movement between bodies that she is most interested in: What at all we recognize as a human body and how dance can make us see and feel anew is her key question.

Juli studied philosophy and dance in Berlin and choreography in Stockholm. In 2012, she received a one-year residency at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Since 2013, she worked as a freelance choreographer between Stockholm and Berlin. In 2019, she began a doctoral research at Uniarts Helsinki in which she explores disorientation as a choreographic strategy. “Konturen” (2020) and “Yes Contours Time Disorientation xt”(2021) have put different performative structures into practice. “All late, all babe” will conclude the research in 2024.

Next to her choreographic work, Juli is teaching workshops and seminars in various universities and international venues. Parallelly she is developing a writing practice looking at practical knowledge from another perspective: “I wanted to research well sunk and I knew that she could do it perfectly. She was experienced, she knew when the lines of straight forwardness announce their arrival and then she made a cute fall to the side and continued her way.” (24.8.2022)