As choreographer, Juli is interested in dance as a way to remeasure bodies and body dispositifs and re-arrange relationships. She researches performative formats to reorganize embodiment.

Juli studied philosophy, dance and choreography in Berlin and Stockholm. In 2012, she received a one-year residency at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in which she investigated the format of a concert and rhythm as a medium for new relationships between bodies. Since 2019, Juli is enrolled as a doctoral student at Uniarts Helsinki where she researches dis-orientation as a choreographic strategy, focusing on affective disorientation. Through experimenting with space, time and relationships to the audience, she questions what at all is recognized as a human body.

In her recent works such as the solo ‘You said you’d give it to me – soon as you were free’, the collaborations with Theater Thikwa ‘Tanzabend 4’ and ‘Aftershow’ as well as the video work ‘Konturen’, Juli explored the artificialization of movement as a way to tackle with body dispositifs.

Next to her choreographic work, Juli is part of the artists group PSR which developed a curatorial vision for and runs the program in the newly established venue Heizhaus, Berlin. She also has been teaching workshops and seminars in various international initiatives and universities in the past years.