Publication: Der perfekte Bankraub

Financial independence, survival, being a super hero or pop star, adrenaline kicks, life-long complicity, conspiracy excitement, deception tactics and outwitting the system - phantasies surrounding the idea of a bank robbery are as different as the people that have them. A bank robbery might be the secret dream of many in the face of accelerating precarisation of personal economies and - maybe especially because of that - a spectacular, almost pop-cultural event, documented by media and illustrated and speculated on in numerous movies.

A workshop, facilitated by Tea Tupajic and Juli Reinartz, took up on this phenomenon in 2016 and planned a bank robbery together with the participants. The speculative qualities of collectively breaching legal boundaries question artistic agency and bring about new social and political environments and individual expertises. The publication "Der perfekte Bankraub" describes and contextualizes this workshop in its methodical approach and gives insight into the exercises and discussions that take place in its course.

Published in the frame of"Experimente Lernen, Techniken tauschen", ed. Julia Bee / Gerko Egert, Nocturne 2020.