13th November
'How it feels like' at Heizhaus Berlin
31st October
Release 'Contours' at Heizhaus Berlin
15th Oct.-15th Nov.
'How it feels like', residency in the frame of 'Our Dance'
First artistic part of 'Yes, address me a location' at Uniarts Helsinki
1st-18th August
Shooting 'Disorienting you on my body'
2nd April
'Konturen' hosted by Making A Difference at Podewil Berlin
2nd March
'Little disasters' at Tanzbüro Berlin
10th February - 2nd April
Workshop 'Konturen' hosted by Making A Difference

18th - 21st December
'Aftershow' at Theater Thikwa
12th - 14th December
'Aftershow' at Theater Thikwa
11th December
Premiere 'Aftershow' at Theater Thikwa
14th September
Show 'Supergrün' at Theater Vorpommern, Putbus
11th / 12th September
Shows 'Supergrün' at Theater Vorpommern, Stralsund
7th September
Show 'Supergrün' at Vorpommern, Theater Greifswald
6th September
Premiere 'Supergrün' at Theater Vorpommern, Greifswald
9th - 22nd April
Residency of 'Belle Danse' at PACT Zollverein
18th March
Danceoke at Tanzparty
19th February
'public research' at Vierte Welt, in conversation with Gerko Egert
1st / 2nd February
Workshop in 'Ecology of Techniques', University of Applied Theater Studies Gießen initiated by Gerko Egert


17th December
Danceoke at Tanzparty
1st - 9th November
'You said you'd give it to me - soon as you were free' at Social Muscle Club US Tour
Trilogy Community, Palm Springs / Counter Pulse, San Francisco /
Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles
3rd September
Danceoke at Tanzparty
26th & 27th August
'You said you'd give it to me - soon as you were free' at Tanznacht Berlin
27th June
Danceoke at Tanzparty
25th April
Social Muscle Club at Theater o.N.
31st March
Artist Talk at LUCKY TRIMMER e.V., Sophiensaele
19th March
Danceoke at Tanzparty
2nd March
Artist Talk at 'Matters of Engagement' 6th Dance Education Biennale
17th - 20th January
Re-play 'Tanzabend 4' with Theater Thikwa


1st / 2nd December
'You said you'd give it to me - soon as you were free' at Fine Selection - special edition, MDT Stockholm
15th - 18th November
'Tanzabend 4' with Theater Thikwa
4th / 5th November
'You said you'd give it to me - soon as you were free' at Open Spaces, Tanzfabrik Berlin
1 st - 4th
'Tanzabend 4' with Theater Thikwa (Premiere)
1st-8th August
Imaginary Performance House initiated by Peter Stamer with Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Vladimir Miller, Lyndsey Housden, Dusan Muric, Milan Markovic Matthis, Viktorija Ilioska
16th June
Workshop 'Fabulation' with Julia Bee, Gerko Egert and Rebecka Ladewig at Bauhaus Universität Weimar
11th & 12th May
'Social Odyssee' by Social Muscle Club at Theatertreffen
15th March
Danceoke at Tanzparty Uferstudios, Berlin
10th March
'You said you'd give it to me - soon as you were free' at Something Raw (Frascati), Amsterdam
8th March
Presentation of 'Body electric' at LADA, London
3rd & 4th February
'You said you'd give it to me - soon as you were free' at Atalante, Gothenburg
30th January & 1st February
'You said you'd give it to me - soon as you were free' at Danssationen, Malmö
21st January
'Social Bootcamp' Social Muscle Club at Sophiensaele Berlin


11th November
Premiere 'My body is a field for tomorrow's battles' by Rose Beermann at Sophiensäle Berlin
30th/1st/2nd/3rd October
'The perfect robbery' in collaboration with Tea Tupajic at AUSUFERN Berlin
21st - 24th September
'You said you'd give it to me - soon as you were free' at MDT Stockholm (Premiere)
1st August
Danceoke at Tanzparty Uferstudios Berlin
10th June
Workshop 'Body electric' at m-cult, Helsinki
30th May
Danceoke at Berlin Mondiale, Uferstudios Berlin
6th / 7th May,
13th / 14th May
20th / 21st May
Workshop 'Practical Dance History' at Institut für Theaterwissenschaften, FU Berlin
19th April
'The Bodies We Are_A speculation on utopian bodies', research project initiated by Antje Velsinger, Kampnagel Hamburg
16th March
'Atlantic' at Miami, Uferstudios Berlin
7th March
Danceoke at Berlin Mondiale, Uferstudios Berlin
6th February
Workshop Day 'International Notice', Vierte Welt Berlin


20th December
Open rehearsal of 'Research and development' at MDT Stockholm
30th November
Danceoke at Berlin Mondiale, Uferstudios Berlin
21st – 24th October
'drawnonward' in collaboration with Jeremy Wade at HAU 3 Berlin
4th September
Lecture on queer science fiction at Tanzlabor 21 Frankfurt
29th August
'Together Forever' by Jeremy Wade at Tanzlabor 21 Frankfurt
27th August-6th September
'drawnonward'-Workshop at Tanzlabor 21 Frankfurt
5th June
'Alice' at Theatertreffen Berlin
25th April
'Art that is work that is organization that is politics' at Weld Stockholm
21st March
'Alice' at Bürgerbühnenfestival Mannheim
8th February
Premiere 'Alice' at Deutsches Theater Berlin
Workshop 'Practicing Dance History' at FU Berlin
6th January
'Practice' in collaboration with Gerko Egert initiated by Social Muscle Club at Uferstudios Berlin


5th + 6th December
'Atlantic' at Another Fine Selection Stockholm
1st December
'Atlantic' at Nordic House Torshavn
29th November
'Atlantic' at Reykjavik Dance Festival
8th November
'Romantic Afternoon' by Billinger/Schulz at NU Dans Festival Bratislava
19th October
'The Last Party' at Amorph!14 Helsinki
16th - 19th October
'Regional Geography', solo version of 'Really Good Music', at Amoprh! Helsinki
14th – 16th August
Workshop at 'Dont trust your eyes!', die börse Wuppertal
4th + 5th June
Premiere 'Really Good Music' at MDT Stockholm
14th March
Panel 'Danserisk samtale' at Black Box Theater Oslo
13th -14th March
'We are not in this together yet' at International Theater Festival Oslo
17th + 18th January
'Romantic Afternoon' by Billinger/Schulz at Pumpenhaus Münster


4th + 5th December
'Atlantic at Dans <3 Stockholm
27th + 28th September
Premiere 'Atlantic' at Anti-Festival Kuopio
25th July
'Giselle' by Halla Olafsdottir and Jon Moström at Uferstudios Berlin
'Catch A Sleepless Fish' in Frakcija
23rd June
Residency showing 'Atlantic' at WASP Bucharest
22nd May
Residency showing 'Really Good Music' MDT
11th May
'Romantic Afternoon' by Billnger/Schulz at Passage Recherche Festival Weimar
20th April
'BAND' by Ingri Fiksdal at MDT Stockholm
1st March
Residency Showing 'Atlantic' Dansverkstaedis Reykjavik
September 2012-May 2013
Research residency 'Really Good Music' at Royal Institute of Art Stockholm


29th November-1st December
'Romantic Afternoon' by Billinger/Schulz at studiobühne Köln
19th October
'We are not in this together yet' at Kiasma Helsinki
21st + 22nd September
'Pressure and Velocity' at MDT Stockholm (Premiere)
September 2012 - May 2013
Research residency 'Really Good Music' at Royal Institute of Art Stockholm
21st – 31st August
'A Series of Event' Reykjavik Dance Festival
25th August
'sommer.talks' by Kerstin Schroth at Tanznacht Berlin
9th + 10th February
'Romantic Afternoon' by Billinger/Schulz at Ringlokschuppen Mülheim
30th January
'The Coming Boogie Woogie' published by mychoreography


9th December
Premiere 'We are not in this together yet' at MDT Stockholm
27th November
'Walking my dragon' by Two Fish at Uferstudios Berlin
24th May
'One on One' in Ok Shows Kids Returns at MDT
'Romantic Afternoon' by Billinger/Schulz at Freischwimmer Festival
15th, 16th + 17th April
'Unfolding' by Anna Koch at Moderna Museet Stockholm
January – December
Studies of choreography at 'mychoreography' DOCH Stockholm


19th September
'la fabrique du commun' in collaboration with kom.post at 104 Paris
4th February
'project' by Xavier LeRoy and Mårten Spångberg at DOCH Stockholm
January – December
Studies of choreography at 'mychoreography' DOCH Stockholm


30th October
'Walking My Dragon' by Two Fish at HAU 3 Berlin
24th May
'precarious intimacy' as video installation at 104 Paris
5th + 6th January
'precarious intimacy' at Tanztage Berlin


30th July
research showing 'precarious intimacy' at summer residency Tanzhaus NRW
12th June
'A Right Amount of Me' in collaboration with Uri Turkenich at Feld 6 Dock 11 Berlin
10th + 11th January
'precarious beauty' at Tanztage Berlin