Supergrün is a gentle distopia or a long created artificial garden. It is a nature reserve en drag, a chemical park, a German-Argentinian-American-Hungarian ornamental plant, a zone free of national techniques, adaptive home and an endogenic ecosystem.

Ecological thinking is en vogue and has arrived in the center of social discourse. Supergrün. But political parties produce ecological politics along different identity concepts. Is the environment our homeland, nature, ressources or companion? The performance SUPERGREEN investigates concepts of landscape, identity and ecological crisis discussions in order to gain an ecological perspective beyond traditionalist romatics.

Choreography: Juli Reinartz
By and with: Sandhya Daemgen, Tamara Saphir, Juli Reinartz
Music: Camilla Milena Fehér
Stage and costumes: Giulia Paolucci, Juli Reinartz
Dramaturgy: Gerko Egert
Mentoring: Martin Stiefermann
Camera: Katharina Hauke

Supported by'Vorpommern tanzt an' in the frame of TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund (funded by the Ministry for Culture and Media, Ministry for Education, Science and Culture Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Vorpommern-Fonds), NUE-Stiftung

6th September 2019 Theater Greifswald (Premiere)
7th September 2019 Theater Greifswald
11th September 2019 Theater Stralsund
12th September 2019 Theater Stralsund
14th September 2019 Theater Putbus