Choreography: Juli Reinartz
Performance: Linnéa Martinsson
Lights and music: Iftah Gabbai
Coaching: Alice Chauchat

Funded by Kulturrådet

Pressure and Velocity is far fetched, it is a choreographic mimicry to finanvial speculation. The piece uses speculation as a method to create a dance and, by way of that, appropriates a discipline which is as much alien to it as controversial.

It functions like this: the technical staff of the project has drafted a sound and light score. The dance plays derivative and speculates on the expectations and hopes that accompany the score. The dance emerges when the performer continuously evaluates anew the sound and lights situation as well as the images that the audience connects to them.

September 2012: MDT, Stockholm

# Press “It takes place on MDT stage which is completely empty. Both choreographer and dancer sit on the podium with the audience and explain that the technical staff has developed a sound and light score along which the dance will be created in the moment. Then Linnéa Martinsson starts to seduce us with her breathing. She is standing for a long time, breathes deeply and makes hilarious grimaces. The almost meditative monotony is broken when the body loses control - like a whimsical share price. The light lives its own life, loudspeakers rap a song about work and money. The dancer jumps in improvised circles. Nothing seems to hang together. It is only afterwards when I formulate this text that the key reveals itself to me. The concept is a translation of how our expectations and feelings when the stock market's prices rise and fall, but also as a comment that the value of what we see is created by ourselves.” Anna Ångström, Nyckfullt som börsen, Svenska Dagbladet - „Dance and stocks do not seem to have much to do with each other but that was part of the challenge. It makes choreographic work more interesting when things come together that do not seem to fit.” Andreas Ekegren, Spekulativ koreografi, Dagens Industri, 23.9.2012