Choreography / Performance: Juli Reinartz
Coaching: Sonja Pregrad / Alice Chauchat
Musical support: Billy Bultheel
Produced by: The Festival, Anti-Festival, WASP, 4culture, jardin d'europe, Konstnärsnämnden, MDT / Dans <3 Stockholm

Atlantic performs the never played concert of the Sun Ra album Atlantis. For Sun Ra, the body is full of interstellar potential, a device of the future, and music is an audible science fiction. 'Atlantic' speculates on the role of the lead singer in this fictional concert as well as on the spirit, the physicality and the mobilization of the crowd. It performs the talks between the songs and the physical relationship between audience and singer as a way to touch upon future crowds and identities. The performance investigates two key interests: the empowering potential of a concert and the performative power of language. Who or what do we become in a concert of the Black Atlantic?

September 2013: Anti-Festival, Kuopio
December 2013: MDT, Stockholm
November 2014: Reykjavik Dance Festival, Reykjavik
December 2014: Another Fine Selection, Stockholm
March 2016: Miami, Berlin


“Reinartz’s work with the socio-politics of music forms a piece that likens a concert, not least in the way it paraphrases the “between-song banter”. But this talk is not there to provide an answer as to what the piece portrays. Rather, it aims to establish another type of presence among the audience, getting them ready for what is to come, from the dance or from themselves. Atlantic is on the cusp of the kind of concert moment where many different bodies find their own inner swing, together, and
are surprised by it.”
*Tova Gerge, Social and political soundscapes, Dans <3 Stockholm 2013

“Juli Reinartz stands alone on stage. With her: A palm tree in a basket, Juli's band. She wears a black bomber jacket with a palm print. ”Good evening Mozambique – welcome to Atlantic!” She talks with a deep voice: of lovers, astronomy, reasons, the unnecessary, the superfluous, as she rocks back and forth. She breathes rythmically through the microphone, and swings it round and round. Green light. Silence. And over again. They all become a rythm tonight. I see an alien creating a chamber where history and future meet. She resists a linear understanding of sound and movement, through rythm and expansion in layers, vertically: ”You must be a hundred but you look like millions!”
*Nataly Salas, Seems like madness, Nutida Musik