Konturen / Contours live

Even music videos which stand for the liberalism of pop are populated by young, healthy and strong bodies. In „Contours“, bodies who most often do not appear in pop music videos are staged in their own glam. Staggering and leaning are as much part of the picture as safe sitting, kneeling and excessive slowness. This time, we turned the video live, living out its tight composition on stage.

Choreography: Juli Reinartz
In collaboration with Ariane Hassan Pour-Razavi, Daria Dominique Dönch, Matilda Carlid, Michaela Maxi Schulz, Silja Korn, Simona Schubertová, Sophia Obermeyer, Tchivett
Music: Iftah Gabbai
Lights: Hanna Kritten Tangsoo
Stage and costume: Juli Reinartz  
Production and PR: Michaela Maxi Schulz
Audio description in German: Emmilou Rössling in collaboration with Silja Korn

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR. With the generous support of the PSR collective and Uferstudios.

The project got developed in the frame of Netzwerk MAKING A DIFFERENCE: SOPHIENSÆLE, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Uferstudios, tanzfähig, Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin, TanzZeit, Diversity.Arts.Culture and Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin. MAKING A DIFFERENCE is funded by TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund paid from funds of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media and Senate Department of Culture Berlin / Co-financing fund.


24th June 2022