Choreography: Juli Reinartz
Performance: Maria Francesca Scaroni, Ehud Darash, Juli Reinartz
Lights: Benjamin Schälike
With kind support of LaMove, Berlin

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(link: text: Full length / January 2008 at Tanztage, LaMove Berlin

January 2008: Tanztage Berlin


"… because Reinartz' solo for 3 dancers‘ is worth to watch. Ehud Darash, Maria Francesca Scaroni and herself are allowed or rather have to create a solo out of the same movement material. These dances might be, at their base, gymnastic pragmatic but performed they turn out to be a trenchant and self-ironic game with one's own resources of expression.“
Constanze Klementz, Je bunter, desto besser, Berliner Morgenpost, 16.08.2008