Choreography: Juli Reinartz
Performance: Linnéa Martinsson, Emma Kim Hagdahl, Per Sundberg, Kristoffer Grip
Replacement: Johanna Elisa Lemke, Juli Reinartz
Music: Fugazi
Lights: Chrisander Brun

With the support of the University of Dance and Circus (DOCH) and Goethe Institut

'We are not in this together yet' is the revival of a punk concert. In the moment that you buy the ticket you know the deal: we play the music and you better dance. Påarticipation proceeds reflection. This is closer to tai chi than you ever thought. „Really good music is not just to be heard, you know? It's almost like a hallucination. (Iggy Pop)“

December 2011: The Coming Boogie Woogie, Stockholm
September 2012: Kiasma Theater, Helsinki
March 2014: Internasjonale Teater Festival, Oslo


“Marcus Doverud: Departing from your appearance on stage last night, I would like to ask you something: does your group has some kind of ideology or message that you would like to pass on to your audience? And if so, is there one of the group members that is somehow the chief ideologist? Or how do you talk about this? How do you think of that aspect of your playing together? To simplify: do you have a message that you want to communicate to your audience that have agreed upon amongst yourself or is it so that everybody stands for something different in the group?
Kristoffer Grip: I wouldn't say that we have a spoken clear message or a common understanding what the message is, but during the production of this piece I would say that we developed a very strong idea of a certain energy that we are looking for for ourselves as well as for the audience, which has something to do with punk-nostalgia and also with what is relevant with punk today. It is very much about a special kind of energy.

Emma Kim Hagdahl: „I am also thinking about the notion of improvisation in it. Because when we play it's not that we completely give in, that we let the audience decide, that's not at all what's happening, we are not depending on them. On the one hand, they are everything to us and without them we wouldn't do, but at the same time, we are not expecting them to tell us what to do and we don't tell them what to do. The improvisation happens on another level.“

Extracts from an interview with Marcus Doverud
15th december 2011