All late, all babe

is an artistic research on the meaning of time and temporalities in bodily relations. It investigates on the effects different temporalities and the concept of crip time have on the relationships between bodies and our idea of collectivity. Taking serious the idea that different bodies with different constitutions and abilities inhabit time differently, the leading question of this research is: How to share time if we cannot share time? Which experiences of togetherness do spaces of simultaneity create and how do they re-write ideas of my own and other people’s body? How can we be together if we do not inhabit the same time?

By and with: Juli Reinartz in collaboration with Addas Ahmad, Ariane Hassan Pour-Razavi,Gerko Egert, Matilda Carlid, Massiamy Diaby and Silja Korn

Supported by Fonds Darstellend Künste, Theater Academy, Uniarts Helsinki. In residency at PACT Zollverein and Saari Residency.